Clever Cycles, Portland WorkCycles dealer is open.

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This probably not really news for those in Portland, Oregon since it seems the entire city has been anticipating the opening of Portland, Oregon USA’s first retailer totally dedicated to bicycles for daily, practical use. That means at least bomb-proof WorkCycles-Azor Dutch Bikes, the ridiculously popular and charismatic Bakfiets Cargobike and the unmatchable Brompton folding bikes. Various other makes from Holland and the USA will fill in the line-up of bikes for commuting, carrying children, doing groceries and all the other things we in Amsterdam regard as nothing special to do on a bicycle.

But such bicycles and attitudes are still very special in the US, and the folks at Clever are amongst those leading the charge to change that situation as fast as possible. My experience as supplier from the other side of the pond is that Clever has what it takes to do more than their share to popularize practical cycling in Oregon. Unlike others who’ve produced a handful of load-carrying bikes, Todd, Dean and their colleagues are professional, technically proficient and thorough.

So pay them a visit and find out just how satisfying and fun it can be to pedal around with ten times as much weight as any glossy cycling magazine will tell you is acceptable.

Clever Cycles

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