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Unfortunately still no photos of the “dutch bike with passenger” drag racing action from Rain City Bikes opening party but at least these shots actually demonstrate that people were present and dutch beer was consumed.

Canadians pretending to be Dutch in a Cargobike Hugh Hoser and wife Jura on the bakfiets Bakfiets babes Mom at Rain CityBikes in rental Cargobike monark truck baker’s bike in vancouver

photo 1
Here we see owner Victor Cuevas Jr. his son Lucas demonstrating safe cycling technique with WorkCycles new forcefield child harness system. All are incidentally wearing prototypes of our long-awaited “wig-rider” bicycle helmet. Instead of straps this ingenious helmet uses industrial hook-and-loop fastener to hold it in place. Never again that mortifying helmet head!

photo 2
Hugh Hoser and his wife Jura do a victory lap in their brand spankin’ new Cargobike Long. Their baby girl Ima fortunately only seems to have sustained minor head injuries during the drag racing and should be out the hospital within days. We wish Ima a speedy recovery so that she and her family can enjoy riding in their Cargobike in Vancouver!

photo 3
The Bakfiets Babes traveled all the way from Amsterdam to demonstrate the best ways to use Dutch bicycles and safe cycling with children. Of course they also manned the tap, pushing the extra foam off hundreds of little beer glasses.

photo 4
Here a mom cycles past Rain Citybikes in one of their rental Cargobikes. Her son sports the new WorkCycles Wifebeater shirt (one-size fiets all!) and Hardhat helmet. Other themed kid’s cycle helmets will be available shortly: Fireman, Desert Storm, Riot Squad, Welder, Football, Diving Bell and Jason. Check WorkCycles for news.

photo 5
RainCity Bikes also sells the Monark Truck Baker’s Bike (aka Butcher’s bike, aka Danish transport bike, aka Swedish delivery bike etc etc). Here the big signboard and front carrier are put to use. Apparently the “no parking” sign refers to cars not bicycles.

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