Rain City Bikes: open for business

rain city bikes opening fritesrain city opening bike shoprain city opening beer in a bakfietsrain city opening bakfiets with flowers

Rain City Bikes recently celebrated the grand opening of their new Bakfiets, Cargobike, Dutch Bike shop in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It was apparently a success since nobody seems to have had time to take photos of the rowdy event until after the party. Thus all we get to see is some greasy Belgian frites and bakfietsen full of Heineken beer bottles, flowers and trash bags. Eyewitnesses claim it was good though. Here’s an anonymous report:

Once the crowd was sufficiently alcoholically lubricated and revved up by heavy metal band Chaincase… the “Dutch bikes with kids” two-up drag races began. When all the elimination rounds were done Victoria resident Hugh Hoser was crowned Victor. There was some deliberation though, as competitors claimed Hoser’s 2 week old, 4kg baby girl secured to the front carrier of his transport bike conferred an unfair advantage. But, alas, there were no rules about the manner of child transport so Hoser took home his trophy: a brand new Bakfiets.nl Cargobike Long, complete with rain canopy and Maxi-Cosi carrier.

Now Hoser’s baby girl will ride in safety and style, protected from rain, snow, hail, rioting youth and soccer moms in Hummers. Heartwarming, eh?

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