Bakfiets Cargobike goin’ mainstream in USA

The Oregonian from Portland OR, USA has an article today on the fantastic Cargobike. We already know how this cargo and child transport bicycle simply makes families happy, but its still nice to read it in the newspaper. Its not bad for sales either, considering that WorkCycles is the exclusive exporter of to the USA and Canada.

Kids and cargo: This bike can haul it all

Thursday, May 17 2007
By Anne Lauf

When Marko Muellner rides his new bike to the grocery store or his daughter’s school, crowds gather around to ask questions: ” Is it hard to maneuver?” “Is it heavy?” “Do the kids like it?” And invariably, “Where can I get one?”

Muellner is one of the first cyclists in Portland to own a Bakfiets (Dutch for “box bike”), a Dutch cargo bike made for hauling kids and groceries.

Unlike the delivery bicycles popular in the United States in the first half of the 20th century, with boxes mounted upfront, Bakfiets bikes are designed with the lightweight marine plywood box in the middle for easier handling and better stability.

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Here are links to the relevant companies:
Clever Cycles, Bakfiets Cargobike dealer in Portland
WorkCycles, cooperates in Bakfiets Cargobike development and handles exports, maker of the Cargobike

The article has no photos of the Bakfiets Cargobike so I’ve added a couple here:
Bakfiets Cargobike for carrying children


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  1. fiets_503 Says:

    Actually, I’m told that there was a photo in the “hard copy, paper” edition of the Oregonian, but they don’t publish the images very often in their digital version of articles. [I think they want us to go buy the paper. ya think?]

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